Empowerment yoga

In this class you can let go of what you thought yoga is. Empowerment Yoga is a slow-paced but powerful Hatha flow - a way to experience your inner strength and to connect to your intuition. You’ll open your heart, learn to enjoy the fire aka not so pleasant moments, flow with life and even have fun!

We practice all together in a circle, some asanas we do even together. It’s all about encouraging you to not be afraid to share and connect with others, since we’re all in the same boat but also learn how to find focus and calmness inside of yourself without being distracted by outer circumstances.

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My yoga path

Yoga brought me to many different places - inside it cracks up my heart, fills me with gratitude and outside it helps me get the courage from the matt off in my life and change it again and again completely. This made me leave Switzerland and my busy job as Yelp Community Manager and follow my heart to Bali and around the world, where I found my mission in empowering people - because if you're empowered, you're empowering others as well, which can make a beautiful change in our world.

What people say about my yoga classes

  • Thank you very much, Aleks. I enjoyed your peaceful and invigorating yoga class very much. Beautiful focus on breath and awareness. I liked your asana sequence as well as the pranayama. Sylvia Deschamps, at Divine Yoga Studio in Bangkok

Speak up for yourself.

Follow your intuition.

If you feel you can't,
I'm here to support you.

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23. 7. 2017 in Zurich: Gather with other sisters and get deeply in touch with your soul. See all events »

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I'm sharing my stories & learnings honestly and far away from the perfect social-media-world.

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A way to experience your inner strength, mindful breathing and reconnect to your intuition. You’ll open your heart and learn to enjoy the fire aka not so pleasant moments.

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Do you feel like not really flowing with life? Are you worrying or feeling stuck? Are you repeating negative patterns or still holding on painful past experiences?

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Are you afraid of talking about your deepest feeling and desires? Or do you have sometimes that your voice is not strong enough to say what you truly feel?

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Freshly brewed specialty coffee and quality homemade vegan food from me and Adam. No smartphoning allowed ;)

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Hi! I’m called Aleks

2013 I fell in a deep sadness, questioning my whole life and sense of it. I didn’t only discover meditation but also my scariest fears in a very painful relationship.

After an offline trip in Brazil and shaking on the train station in Zurich - where everyone seemed stressed out - I felt completely out of place and knew: My inner flow isn't that fast and I can't push myself anymore.

Freedom, depth & authenticity is what my soul needed – so I quit my job as Community Manager for Yelp Zurich in 2015, sold all my pretty clothes, went to the city office and just signed out off.

It all started by craving a big change, reconnecting back to my intuition and radically honest answering the questions: What do you really want? How do you feel? What can you do to make these changes happen?

Today I’m traveling with my love Adam and I keep exploring my inner depths.

I believe that