Empowerment Workshop

Are you afraid of talking about your deepest feeling and desires? Or do you have sometimes that your voice is not strong enough to say what you truly feel? Come to reconnect to your intuition, heart, and happiness.

This is a workshop for you if you:

  • Can’t say NO and set boundaries
  • Want to be liked by everyone and please people
  • Don’t really believe in yourself but have big dreams
  • Put more energy in the past or future instead of the present moment
  • Worry a lot and feel like not really having the power to make a change
  • Want to speak up for yourself and communicate clear & honest
  • Want to live brave, free, joyful
  • Want to trust yourself and not always wait for others to say their opinion
  • Don’t know if you really love yourself and trust your intuition
  • Want to flow more freely and lightly with life
  • Would like to break out of the your routine but feel unable to do it alone
  • Want to get practical tips, ritual, and inspiration for your everyday life

What we will do during this workshop:

  • Workshop will be outside in the nature! (in case of bad weather I will manage indoor alternative)
  • We will go out of comfort-zone, activating our voice - it’s a yogi exercise - but don’t worry - you don’t need either a mat nor flexibility! :)
  • During a special exercise, you’ll learn to share from your heart and increase not only understanding but also compassion for yourself and others.
  • We will practice (self-) TRUST - something you definitely need to feel empowered and act like it.
  • We will talk about intuition - I will share my own stories (struggles, aha moments) and you too. It will be a sharing circle where we can open up to each other. And really learn to use your voice and speak up from your heart.
    You’ll write down what you don’t wanna have any more in your life and in a mystical fire ceremony we will burn it – yes, you can throw your paper dramatically into the fire.
  • After making space for something new, you’ll imagine your most wonderful perfect day - with whatever you always wanted - write it down, set a date and 3 action steps towards it.
  • I’ll share my self-love and acceptance insights and we will do some exercises where you can experience self-love.
  • We’re going to practice to say NO and learn how to set boundaries. You will take your power back.
  • We will meditate, connect, share, cry, laugh and of course: HUG!

What is my story?

I was this typical fashion girl that was only focussing on the outside - until I realized that happiness doesn’t come from the newest trendy shoes but that I need to look inside. So I started to change my thoughts, beliefs, patterns - today my life looks and I feel and act completely different.

What you need for this workshop:

Bring some tea/water, a paper notebook, small beauty-mirror, a pen, sarong/shawl, open mind and heart!

Do you want to start already today?

Download my personal everyday-life tips and rituals or dive into my daily empowerment stories on Instagram.

Speak up for yourself.

Follow your intuition.

If you feel you can't,
I'm here to support you.

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I'm sharing my stories & learnings honestly and far away from the perfect social-media-world.

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A way to experience your inner strength, mindful breathing and reconnect to your intuition. You’ll open your heart and learn to enjoy the fire aka not so pleasant moments.

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Do you feel like not really flowing with life? Are you worrying or feeling stuck? Are you repeating negative patterns or still holding on painful past experiences?

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Are you afraid of talking about your deepest feeling and desires? Or do you have sometimes that your voice is not strong enough to say what you truly feel?

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Freshly brewed specialty coffee and quality homemade vegan food from me and Adam. No smartphoning allowed ;)

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Hi! I’m called Aleks

2013 I fell in a deep sadness, questioning my whole life and sense of it. I didn’t only discover meditation but also my scariest fears in a very painful relationship.

After an offline trip in Brazil and shaking on the train station in Zurich - where everyone seemed stressed out - I felt completely out of place and knew: My inner flow isn't that fast and I can't push myself anymore.

Freedom, depth & authenticity is what my soul needed – so I quit my job as Community Manager for Yelp Zurich in 2015, sold all my pretty clothes, went to the city office and just signed out off.

It all started by craving a big change, reconnecting back to my intuition and radically honest answering the questions: What do you really want? How do you feel? What can you do to make these changes happen?

Today I’m traveling with my love Adam and I keep exploring my inner depths.

I believe that